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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

a useful thought:

From a Christian thread on Feministe

When I say that religious doctrine is a “social construct,” I mean that individual religious believers don’t need doctrine to explain their experience. Religious institutions need doctrine to explain the experience of believers to nonbelievers, which, to my mind, means doctrine is meant to fill a social rather than a religious need.

This is something I run up against in my head. Often. I don't have that social construct, and the lack of it makes me feel a bit insecure and adrift with all this; humans have social needs, and these are real needs even at the religious level. I have no means of explaining my experience to nonbelievers. My intention was that this blog would help out with that, but I've found it hard to push the writing past the practical - cards and what they do in the consensual world, to consensual people. I get nervous any time a post tiptoes past that. Like the Emperor one, though I'd promised myself I'd do that, because it is true.

Well. The Strength post is up (no thanks to me) and I should be back to regular updates within the next few days. I have about 30 cards left. Beyond that, I don't know how far I can go, but, hope.

1 comment:

Penny said...

The Heirophant represents, for me, the social construct of religion, and the transition to the heart of any religion.

My practice is Buddhism. Not a religion or faith but a practice. The social construct part allows me to find fellow Buddhists and puts my practice in a social context.

The downside of the Heirophant and organised religion is theocracy. All the power games and politics.

Abuse of authority, like the downside of the Emperor. But both have their upsides, I would like to think.