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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

the order they came about:

This is entirely dictated by the whims of the Intuitive deck. I've been adding three cards a day, and thus far, the chosen path has been suspiciously easy and insightful.

1st: The Fool
2nd: The Empress
3rd: Queen Of Swords
4th: King Of Swords
5th: High Priestess
6th: Queen Of Pentacles
7th: Two Of Wands
8th: Four Of Pentacles
9th: Six Of Swords
10th: Nine Of Pentacles
11th: Knight Of Wands
12th: The Star
13th: Death
14th: The Hierophant
15th: The Sun
16th: Three Of Swords
17th: Nine Of Cups
18th: Three Of Wands
19th: Nine Of Wands
20th: Page Of Swords
21st: The Lovers
22nd: Queen Of Wands
23rd: Page Of Wands
24th: Five Of Pentacles
25th: Ace Of Pentacles
26th: Ace Of Cups
27th: Four Of Cups
28th: Six Of Wands
29th: Two Of Pentacles
30th: Eight Of Pentacles
31st: The World
32nd: King Of Wands
33rd: The Hermit
34th: Three Of Cups
35th: Five Of Swords
36th: Ace Of Swords
37th: The Emperor
38th: Seven of Cups
39th: Seven Of Pentacles
40th: Six Of Pentacles
41st: Knight Of Pentacles
42nd: The Magician
43rd: Queen Of Cups
44th: Ten Of Cups
45th: Five Of Cups
46th: Justice
47th: Strength [a guest post because I was stuck]
Agla's Hierophant
48th: Eight Of Wands
49th: Knight Of Cups
50th: The Chariot
51st: King of Cups
52nd: Six of Cups
53rd: Page of Cups
54th: Knight of Swords
55th: Three of Pentacles
56th: Two of Cups
57th: Judgement
58th: Two of Swords
59th: Ten of Wands
60th: The Devil
61st: Ten of Pentacles
62nd: Eight of Cups

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