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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Four Of Pentacles

this is about protection

this is about me wrapped around them holding them under me protected solid safe
this is about them protecting me me needing them knowing them using

them using me

this is about everything is within me nothing
nothing outside

i can't see anything outside

It's tough not being down about the Four of Pentacles. Earth is a shape here; come from a point, to a moving line, to a geometric form, and now become a solid thing. This card is called Miser; it is a hoard, something trapped by its human owner as it is trapping him in turn. It is clasped tight, not used; held with awe and fear, but not use.

It's so easy to be down on this. But this shape is not simply a prison; think, without it, everything would fall through your hands. A Four of Pentacles maintains, budgets, is never without shelter. Just gotta be careful of it. It can be a box of gold inside a person. It can also be a person inside a box of gold.

Images of the Four of Pentacles:

The Rider-Waite-Smith original; rather hunched - perhaps fearful, perhaps taking shelter.

The Osho Zen Four, caught out in the cold.

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