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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Two Of Wands

you would open your wings
and draw a line across the sun

you would pull back the curtain
and take all that is yours in your hand
and you'd throw it over the fields
and you'd not know where it was going
but you'd have the faith to see it done

As previously mentioned, I'm doing these in the order the deck wants them done. This is the seventh. The last two were the High Priestess and the Queen of Pentacles - ladies about robes and veils.

Fuck me if this isn't a wide-open curtain.

An Ace is energy at its source; a Two, therefore, is a vector - a moving thing (of fire, this time), but where does it go? It's cheesy, but I see the Two of Wands as being in a state of superposition; sure of its momentum, but what it is is no longer material.

There is something pretty damn phallic about all this. I could more easily draw you a diagram than put it into words; the Two of Wands is a Two of Chokhma, for starters, a first jag of lightning from the source, looking for a shape to hold it. Many decks have it that the Two then faces a forked path, which from that part on the Tree is true enough; down it must go, but it may or may not take the path of least resistance.

Images of the Two of Wands:

Need to scan the Intuitive one. Til then, here's the Osho Zen - flying away from the setting sun.

See also the One World Two: a pip card, but note the corner symbols - Aries (as in zodiac), Mars (as in planet), and another Mars for good measure. This is what tipped me off about the penis thing.

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