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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Page Of Swords

So I am young,
but what of that, when the sky is clear?

So my body is frail, my hair is long
but what of that, when helm is hard?

So confusion blocks the way, with purple hues, with unknown futures
but what of that, when my blade is sharp?
And I have the will?

A lot of shit gets talked about this card. That she's a coward; a gossip; a fanatic; paranoid; detached from reality; a habitual voyeur. Worse still, she means well. The very best. Those other possible flaws are all the result of her basic flaws of Pageyness and Swordiness; she has it all worked out logically, but none of the logic she holds dear has ever been tested in real life - or if it has, she's brushed of the results because they're just not as important as what she holds dear, in her mind.

I don't like that I just put all the bad sides first, when she really does have it worked out. Her detachment can be vital, can save you - she can solve problems without being devoured by them, and so can you. You never have to be emotionally involved. I love her vigilance, her awareness of what's going on in the picture, though she never includes herself in her dynamic readings of the world; she has no shadow, can't see her own reflection. And god knows, but there's a lot of good things that would never have happened if people had waited until it was the right time. It's always the right time for her - never mind how young, how frail, or how precious. The storm is always waiting. And she'll hang for a sheep, thanks.

(btw, many decks have pages of ambiguous gender; Crowley and a few others make them female, to balance out the Knights - some call them 'Princesses' instead of pages. As with all cards ever, even the really femme ones or really butch ones, in reality you can always have it both ways. Or none.)

Images of the Page of Swords:

Amano's Page: two-sided.

Osho Zen's 'Mind' - a mind built of scrap wood and cogs.

Scapini's Page - away from the city, and half among the clouds.

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