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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Knight Of Wands

fire can look like anything
like an eye
a cloud
an open flower
like the shape of a man
like his eyes
his smile
like anything

I know you
know your footsteps on the path outside
know the calm blue inside you, just before-

doesn't seem so, all looks so still now,
but all will burn.

This is such a cool-looking Knight of Wands, the coolest I am ever likely to see; he's barely even smiling. But we know. We know it's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission. We know that if something can be done, then something must be done. We know that it will never be enough.

There is a girl dancing in my head.

When I wrote the King of Swords, I said I'd tell you about these guys, these sublime people. But I never know where to begin. Her name is Gaiety. And she doesn't care what you think. Her purposes will become clear once the smoke blows over. Possibly, anyway. You don't even know, for certain, that it was her who did it, but it always is.

It just looks like she's not holding the reins.

Wands are about seeing-dreaming-doing-changing, and Knights are a suit's champions, the ones who go too far on purpose. This is fire-of-fire. And when they burn out, they burn out bad. Also, reversed Wand-Knights tend to be nihilists; a profoundly irritating bunch.

Images of the Knight of Wands:

Intensity: the Osho Zen Knight, not waiting around.

Amano's Knight, barely visible behind the things he's set in motion. If a Knight of Wands is shown mounted, it's traditional for the horse to be bucking on its back feet; ready to move and looking damn swish.

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