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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Queen Of Pentacles

rose stone crown jewel
earth light cloth chain
home warmth safe solid nothing.

blink kiss touch feel
smell spin fix bury
mill turn sew close eyes

we stitch infinity.

The Queen of Pentacles is usually held to be your traditional hearth mother, but 'hearths' are moving on nowadays. She is nurturing something real and physical, not to make it happy but to make it function, to make it better, to make it grow. This often leaves her trapped by her own successes, always with another task to do. I've not assembled my images yet, but I've got a feeling that this one usually has her eyes closed, or turned towards her hands or to the ground.

Her world is experienced through the hands, and I think also the nose. She feels and makes her world, rather than looking at it and expecting it to work out.

I don't know her that well. I'd like to know her better, but as with many things, I fear her - fear being within her, eyes shut. On the other hand, she has great sex, in a pretty traditional way; there's no reason for a modern Queen of Pentacles to be any more fecund than she wants to be, but she'll be taking care of her sexuality as well as she does the rest of her real life.

Images of the Queen of Pentacles:

Amano's Queen has hidden her hands, and we can only presume that they are against her pregnant belly. Her robes are plainer, her hair rather neater, than Amano's Queen of Swords.

The Rider-Waite-Smith garden Queen, her life held gently on her lap. Roses, rabbits, vines, and all goodly fecund things.

The Roots of Asia Queen. Love her. She's a human body directing the energies of trees, from root to branch. Compare to the One World Priestess I linked here; the flow is the same, though it runs straighter.

Flowering; the Osho Zen Queen. The associated Osho quote has it that Zen wants you to be abundant, to overflow with joy and to spread this joy like the fragrance of a flower.

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