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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Knight Of Pentacles

My world is made of squares of stone.
My home is made of light and gold.
My shield is made of strength and care.
My face is made of sand and bone.
And I look upon my world and home.

See the walls, the wealth, the sky,
I cannot look beyond my home.
Where'er I go, these walls shall be.
For home is everything I am.
It never leaves my sight.

I'm glad to see this fellah. He's never the most interesting company - square-hatted, closed-worlded, holding his shield against his heart - but he's got something and he's prepared to work for it. He's made shelter; he's protecting himself and everything else that's inside that shelter. There is sadly little to write about this persevering little chap; only to say that he is strong and he prospers, and that his walls are high and solid, and he does not look change in the eye.

Images of the Knight of Pentacles:

The Roots of Asia picture isn't far from the RWS version, other than that the knight is mounted on an elephant. Each RWS knight treats its horse differently - supposedly the horse represents the Knight's inner self, but anyway, the Knight of Pentacles usually keeps his mount still as he enjoys the landscape of his home.

Amano's horse is not just still, but actually taking a nap while the Knight counts his treasure. He seems careless with his wealth, an image the two sleepy animals add to, but the ornaments on his hands and hair seem more tightly bound.

Scapini's knight, like the Intuitive Knight, looks away from us, toward his walls. He carries what he has under one arm, and has his back to us. It's strangely vulnerable.

And Slowing Down from the Osho Zen is carrying her home everywhere she goes! And if you're doing that, why hurry? Why be busy, or drag around illusions, or look for shelter elsewhere?

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