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Sunday, 23 March 2008

the why.

The World asked me. I'd been doing three a night up til she turned up. About the same time, Agla sent me the most amazingest email, which I'm going to wind up c/ping around here in bits as and when it's relevant.

Exploring the Intuitive deck? Yes - I want to swim through like this before using it to read. My ideas about what's what are becoming more concrete. But why here, like this? The format's easy to use, a pattern easy to maintain day after day; but it's also a performance; an awkward word-dance exhibited to an audience of almost none. It's posturing, it's me pushing my ranty voice about again. Or it's me missing the Goddess pages at Owlsdottir [I will get back to that later], hoping to use my own accumulated knowledge like that even though it's not nearly enough and not used nearly enough, especially not with others, not for years.

I've not been whoring this, though once I'm done with these initial sketches, I think I might - go swimming on the pages of others and keep it growing from there. (That would create google-fu, of which this blog has none, and will have none until I want to go make some. I didn't even link it on my Blogger account, because I compartmentalise too obsessively, even though it never works in the end).

One problem I always have with blogging is the gap between I-statements and the cold third person. I'm not sure which is more irritating to read; I do know that when I'm at my worst, my least being, I can't do I-statements. I hope to learn how best to use language to frame the unframable, especially within the confines of YMMV. I hope to not be cringeworthy, but the best way to do that is simply to not cringe.

Today is March 23rd - the second of the three twist' days that lie between the Equinox and Lady Day (the trad New Year). I may be a bad person and write cards tonight; I should be a good person and twist a few dreams instead.

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