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Thursday, 6 March 2008

King Of Wands

the fire in my hands
is the fire of the sky
is the fire of my crown
is the fire of the waters
is all fire; all fire kindled as one fire,
held as one fire,
wielded as one fire.

it illuminates the darkest hour
and yet
still it is dark.

This guy. Is the first card back after the break I took following the World. I've lost my thread, but that's okay; the big snake would've eaten it anyway. And this kind of writing is still easy, is still good. I think I have adopted his attitude to creation; it should be what is most natural for you to create, it should rest easily in your hands, and should allow the fire inside you to guide your hands smoothly; it should seem to connect you to what is above, and to what is in the flow of life. The King of Wands has it cracked.

He's a raving egomaniac too, but tends to be blind to it because he regards his dreams as being separate from himself when everyone else can clearly see just how much his confidence, and his very self, rest upon his fires. Yes, he's powerful (and a helpful card to draw), but not necessarily stable, or substantial. The fires in his hands and mind are also a candle that burns at both ends.

Images of the King of Wands:

From the Intuitive Tarot.

The Scapini image brings out the King's aggression; he has a big stick and he's ready to use it. This ties in to the sex/phallic aspect of Wandiness that I tend to overlook because literal anatomy has no discernible bearing on Wandiness; but the guy is showing off his body and is ready to lift that big stick - and all the while the fire burns above him, pointing upward.

The Osho Zen, by contrast, couldn't be more serene, and he's got there by turning fire upon himself. Fire is destructive in careless hands, but creative if you put care and time into knowing of it - and this person is making himself, shaping himself, in the warmth of the flames.

Amano's King of Wands has big rings and delicate fingers.

The Mythic King of Wands is Theseus of Athens - adventurer and hero, but leader and lover too. [For a given value of love.]

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